Originally the family farm, named "Le Case” was managed by Giacomo’s parents (Rolando and Elena) as was the custom during sharecropping years.

Olive growing was carried out following farmers’ methods of that time without using any synthetic products obtaining organic olive oil per tradition. The first olive grove was and still is located at an altitude of about 450 m above sea level where the olive tree does not encounter great difficulties for self-defense against insects or harmful fungi.

Olinto Frantoio and Olinto Leccino olive oils are the “diamond points” among the several products of the company and both, whose names come from Giacomo’s grandfather Olinto, originate from the very first olive grove realized in rows by Rolando, Giacomo’s father at 450m above sea level.

The whole story started from here, from this plant where a man, alone, in 1987 saw far and wanted to change tradition, Taking advantage of the great damage that the 1985 frost had done, he replanted his olive grove in rows, strictly mono varietal.

Currently the estate has a total surface of 85 hectares both owned and rented with a small part of vineyard and woodland while the majority grows olive trees. As well as in the new vineyards where Giacomo planted Sangiovese with indigenous grapes also in the olive groves he planted native varieties.
In 1996 Giacomo started growing monocultivar olive oils and for 8 years the company has been examining and studying every single cultivated variety. The aim was to understand the characteristics and properties of each of them. In 2004 the first bottlings of olive oils from selected olives began. Nowadays the research brought Azienda Agricola Giacomo Grassi to make up to 16 different monocultivars and 4 blend olive oils. This “cultural journey” as well as the commitment to define the characteristics of new olive varieties are still ongoing. 2006 was another important year for Azienda Agricola Giacomo Grassi. The meeting with Fiammetta Nizzi Grifi, today partner and mother of Giacomo’s son, has boosted the quest for productive perfection especially in tasting and characterizing each batch of olive oil. Both agronomists, together they gave whole new energy for the development of the company through new advanced farming techniques compared to the standard organic management. Convinced that the land and tree management influences the sensory profiles of the olive oils, they operate respecting the environment avoiding the use of substances that are not occurring in nature.
In 2007, together with Vieri and Lapo (sons of Fiammetta), they created a company named Caliptra & Mignola G.N.G. srl that supports the production and takes care of olive oil logistics and marketing. 2009 was another important year for Giacomo and for the company because in May he lost his father Rolando, master of life and work, and in December was born Rolando Pietro (also called Piri). Together with Vieri, Lapo and Rolando we continue this path taken as we strongly believe that dealing with nature and agriculture is a privilege and an invaluable opportunity.

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