il Sogno del Pinzimonio


Note Aromatiche
The name reveals the goal because it literally means "the vinaigrette dream". We aimed to make olive oil with a strong taste able to be paired with vegetables such as artichokes and carrots whose flavors are significant. For this reason, we made this blend of olive oil that we create every year according to the characteristics of the vintage.
This is our fourth blend that, just like Aromantica, is born from monocultivar olive oils which in this case are Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino obtained from olives picked at the right ripeness level. Compared to the Eremo Nero, which is obtained from blending different olives, Il Sogno del Pinzimonio is more intense in taste and it is a more concentrated version of the same organoleptic profile.
Perfect condiment for
Il Sogno del Pinzimonio goes perfectly with dishes with strong flavors and aromas of Italian cuisine. Ideal for dishes based on red meats, even on bitter vegetables such as raw or cooked radicchio, and finally, due to its nature, it enhances dishes based on mushrooms, truffles, and bushmeat.
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