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Tasting Notes
Moraiolo is the last variety that we harvest in our valley. Its name comes from the dark color, almost black (moro) of its olives once they are ripe. Moraiolo is a variety expanded in all central Italy which, differing from the Frantoio variety, has not spread all over the world due to some difficulties in its cultivation.
This is not a strong tree , its branches grow upwards, its flowers are not self-fertilizing, its fruits are round and ripe all at the same time and very late. The Moraiolo aroma can be defined absolutely as the flavor of the real “chiantigiano” oil. This is why until the ‘40s it was the most expanded variety in our territory.
Perfect condiment for
This oil is very good for the “Ribollita”, the black cabbage soups, grilled meats and vegetables, beans with fowl and is absolutely perfect with “Cacciucco” (fish soups).
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