Those who are familiar with and appreciate wine know how many aromas and flavors we can find among different vines and/or designations.

We can say that for olive oil as well but there’s an aspect that must be underlined: the aromas and taste of olive oil are exclusively subject to the olive variety and harvest time. The oil miller during the olive processing just has to separate oil, pulp, and water that make up the fruit, without any other type of operation.

Our 2021 Olive Oils


fresh almond, pine nuts, pepper and chilli

Oliva Lunga

almond, grass, radicchio and chicory


almond, grass, radicchio and lettuce

Leccio del Corno

bitter almond, unripe olive, artichoke stem


floral sensations, fresh grass, sage, oregano and fresh mint

Olivo Bianco

tomato leaf, aromatic herbs, bitter almond and citrus notes

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