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Maurino is a pollination plant used to fertilize many varieties of olive trees which alone would not be able to produce fruits. Among its many merits, the Maurino tree is resistant to low temperatures and growing a constant production throughout the years. It is one of the few olive oils, born from our cold hills, that perfectly marries fish dishes.

The oil is appreciated for its intense perfumes recalling the typical aromas of the Mediterranean maquis, such as sage, mint, and rosemary which, as we have noticed, are particularly appreciated by the “gentle sex”. This olive tree is native of the hills around Lucca and from there has spread all over Tuscany also because it presents good rural characteristics such as resistance to cold temperatures and “Occhio del Pavone” mold disease. The flowers are auto- fertilizing, the fruits are very small and get ripe early.
Perfect condiment for

The Maurino olive oil variety is excellent when paired with “fragrant” dishes such as fennel “carpaccio” with fresh pecorino cheese and orange, cold rice salads, oven-baked tomatoes, seafood salads, baked fish but also for a simple pasta with tomato sauce or Caprese salad with mozzarella and tomato.

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