Olivo Bianco


Tasting Notes

This olive oil has its origin due to a story that my grandfather told me. Around the ‘40s he tried to process a lot of olives mostly containing fruits from the “Morchiaio” variety, a minor indigenous variety. The oil obtained had such a low quality that grandfather decided to graft a much better variety on those olive trees.

Giacomo has decided to verify that through the modern techniques and methods of olive processing, it was possible to obtain a different oil, perhaps a better one! The name “Olivo Bianco” seems perfect if we consider the pearly colors of the olives once they ripe. Enjoy it!

Perfect condiment for
Due to its particular feeling of fruits and red berry, this oil is suggested for fish, cold or warm fish salads, grilled or stewed prawns, risotto or spaghetti with fish, roasted fishes, row fishes, or meats with row vegetables such as “bacilli” or fennels and carrots. It is also very pleasant when paired with a simple baked potato.
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