Tasting Notes
The Pendolino olive oil was born first as a tribute to our territory that is home to many minor indigenous varieties often considered less important. Olive growers only use Pendolino as a pollinator for other plants; we have decided to harvest its fruits and process them separately obtaining an olive oil with features to discover.
The historical origin of this variety must be sought in the Florentine area but nowadays it is present in the whole region. It is called Pendolino because the tree shape is very pendulous, its flowers are not self-fertilizing and its fruits, long in size and modestly big, ripe all at the same time and fairly early.
Perfect condiment for

It is considered a mild fruity olive oil characterized by an intense spicy. It can very well join delicate and elegant dishes where bitter olive oils could cover the aromas and sensations.. It is excellent for legumes, raw or cooked seafood, mixed salads, prawn and zucchini risotto, desserts, and vanilla ice cream but also pistachio and hazelnut.

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